About Me

I am Jessica McAvoy, the writer at Best Darn Copywriter

Well, we have already established I am a copywriter, freelance writer, grant writer — take your pick on the title.

Whew. Glad that is out of the way.

Best Darn Copywriter Jessica McAvoy on the Italian-French border in the alps with an ibex.
I could show you a picture of me in a business suit, but what fun is that?

I built a successful nonprofit 501(c)3 art organization in a community on the brink of revitalization with a group of friends and colleagues. My hands have been on every committee. Building the board, designing branding and marketing materials, drafting copy for fundraising and sponsorship, grant writing, recruiting members, visualizing and implementing programming.

You name it, and I have most likely done it to help get a new organization off the ground. Most of the time with a tight deadline, and a program’s livelihood depending on my skills.

From this experience, I launched Ma’am – Arts, Administration, and Management and started working as a consultant focused on marketing, strategic planning, board development, program development, and fundraising. I also began drafting copy and marketing materials for many arts and cultural nonprofit organizations. I have worked with the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, CoDanceCo and Dancing Classrooms Long Island, the Islip Art Museum, and ImprovTheatre-Playback Long Island to name a few. Best Darn Copywriter is a spin-off of Ma’am, one that allows me to focus solely on writing. I guided participants on how to write compelling copy to secure winning grants as chairperson of a local grant committee.

Who else am I?

I have a deep love for art and design. I paint, I draw, and I create public art programs. I worked for some years with a major furniture retailer as a merchandiser for many locations designing the interior showrooms, and as an interior design project manager. I was accountable for delivering what the client desired, within budget, on time. I enjoyed gardening and worked for a nursery for years. I worked for a wine importer and wholesaler because I wanted to learn more about wine and I make a quiche lorraine that will transport you to a cafe in France.

I am an avid traveler. In 2015 my husband and I took off for five months and purchased a BMW GS Motorcycle in Ireland and made our way through Europe. We wined, we dined, we viewed art, listened to live music, enjoyed theater, made friends, and studied Italian.  I blog about our adventure at JourneyforArt.com.

Pick Me! Pick Me! Post it notes!

Back to being a copywriter. All the things about me above make me good at what I do.

Oh, I forgot to mention I have a certificate in Development and Fundraising from Molloy College and have taken many courses in nonprofit management.

What I do is write concise copy.

Give me a call (631) 317-1938 or drop me an email at Jessica@BestDarnCopywriter.com. Let’s talk about your copy needs and how my copywriter service can fill them.