Best Darn Copywriter

You need concise copy that gets your message across. You have too many things on your to-do list that outweigh this task. Best Darn Copywriter can take some information from you and make the above a reality.

Really. It’s what I do.

Why hire me for your copywriter?

  • Time is money. You need to spend your time running businesses or nonprofit organizations, not writing about them.
    I save you time, so I save you money.
  • I create for you what would take hours of your time.
    Just like that, you gain hours.
  • For over eight years I have been writing copy for a select few clients.
    You gain copy drafted by experience.
  • You will now have the correct copy that shows you as the superhero you are.
Manager wearing cloak of superman. Studio shot on a beige background.
You now look like the superhero that you are.

I built a successful nonprofit organization from the ground up with a handful of colleagues. As a grant writer, I gain funding that runs nonprofit organizations. As a copywriter, I draft the words that sell the programs to members, donors, volunteers, and the community. In the for-profit world, I worked as a project manager for a furniture retailer, and in sales and administration in the fast-paced wine sales world. I also have experience in the landscape industry, travel, and in arts and culture such as dance, theater, galleries, and museums.

Could I miss a deadline or perform sub-par for any of those? Not a chance!

Years of experience in these fields prepared me for working on deadlines and delivering to the client as promised. I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and happy clients share their experience on my Testimonials page. I want you to be satisfied with the copy I write. After all, the words I craft represent you.


Give me a call (631) 317-1938 or drop me an email at Let’s talk about your copy needs and how my copywriter service can fill them.